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Mecalimb – Collector Of Souls

Finally, Mecalimb is releasing their brand new EP “Collector Of Souls”. And again, via Wormhole Death, which was an easy choice for us. We need great people with experience, knowledge and good communication to fix every small details for us, so we can reach out to both new and old fans throughout the big wide world. And now, to the Ep. Yes. We know people have been expecting a full-length CD, and you know what? You`re in for a treat. We are, while you listening to our new songs, already working on the new full-length CD, the will be released in the autumn, 2020. Yes. Indeed, a double treat for you people. The EP contains 4 songs, and kind of sets on a mix between old Mecalimb and the new modern style.

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Necrowretch – The Ones From Hell

Deadly French trio NECROWRETCH return with the new album ‘The Ones from Hell.’ Its vicious black metal attack sees unsettling vocal shrieks spearhead their most primal material to date. ‘The Ones from Hell’ is an orgy of blasphemy and savage metal muscle that delivers pure, unrefined sacrilege.

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Plague – Portraits Of Mind

This album is astonishing. As early-Death and Massacre vibes shake and quake the listener while the riffs are flooding the room entering either with huge heavy steps or with fast violent guitars that seem like a colony of ants is spread in the walls. – Metal Invader

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