Category: February 14, 2020

Mecalimb – Collector Of Souls

Finally, Mecalimb is releasing their brand new EP “Collector Of Souls”. And again, via Wormhole Death, which was an easy choice for us. We need great people with experience, knowledge and good communication to fix every small details for us, so we can reach out to both new and old fans throughout the big wide world. And now, to the Ep. Yes. We know people have been expecting a full-length CD, and you know what? You`re in for a treat. We are, while you listening to our new songs, already working on the new full-length CD, the will be released in the autumn, 2020. Yes. Indeed, a double treat for you people. The EP contains 4 songs, and kind of sets on a mix between old Mecalimb and the new modern style.

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Berzerker Legion – Obliterate The Weak

BERZERKER LEGION is a 5-member coalition of some European death metal veterans. Formed in 2016 by guitarists Tomas Elofsson (Hypocrisy) and Alwin Zuur (Asphyx) with a vision to create death metal of the highest quality, they recruited a line-up of solid well-known musicians consisted of James Stewart (Vader) on drums, Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath) on vocals and Fredrik Isaksson (Dark Funeral) on bass to complete the Legion.

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Warrior Within – In Light Act II

Warrior Within are a thrash and speed metal band hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The band cemented their line up in 2017, and are working hard to unleash their pummeling and vicious brand of metal upon Australia, and the world at large. Comprised of brother duo of Tass Hadoulis on guitars and Apostolis Hadoulis on bass, Scott MacIntyre on vocals & Dan Stixx on drums. Warrior Within have been brutalising crowds with their energetic live shows all over Queensland, but now have their sites firmly set on conquering Australia, and then the world.

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Godthrymm – Reflections

GODTHRYMM was formed in 2017 by vocalist/guitarist Hamish Glencross (ex-My Dying Bride/Vallenfyre/Solstice) and sees the respected UK metal luminary return to his doom metal roots, creating the music he was known to help forge with Solstice (on the legendary “New Dark Age” album) and especially with the heralded My Dying Bride from the 2000 – 2014 time period. Further adding to the GODTHRYMM pedigree of doom, joining Glencross is ex-My Dying Bride/Anathema drummer Shaun Taylor-Steels who, after some slight lineup refining (following the band’s “A Grand Reclamation” debut EP), became the core of GODTHRYMM with Glengross as the two would end up recording the colossal GODTHRYMM debut album “Reflections” (the duo would add bassist Bob Crolla following the recording of “Reflections” making GODTHRYMM a true power trio of doom) set for release on (insert release date here). With their debut album “Reflections”, GODTHRYMM have unleashed a colossal slab of heavy, mournful, yet pounding traditional doom that harks back to the classic era of ‘90s UK doom/Peaceville Records. A massive step up from the debut EP, “Reflections” is the result of Glencross taking GODTHRYMM further into the realm of doom into more darker, melancholic, and towering realms. Through Glencross’ soaring passionate vocals complimenting his powerful riffs along with Steels’ thunderous percussion giving the GODTHRYMM rhythm section that massive glorious tone, “Reflections” is a testament to the glory days of UK doom while making its statement as a new force of modern day doom metal to behold.

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Murder Castle – The Black Widow

As always there is a new serial killer on the loose and the concept is intact. This time our main character is a woman that has lust, vengeance, hate, poison, beauty and destruction that clouds her mind and judgment. She murdered her husband and then devolved a taste of domination, a thirst for killing and at the same time she fell in the love with the detective who investigated the case against her husband’s unexpected death. The story is more complex but involves modern metaphors that also connect to everyday life at this moment in time of struggle. “Hemlock is a taste so sweet, we cannot help but lure our self to its beauty, no matter the risk”” The music has also progressed since its 1st 2 albums. This time around Murder Castle’s main man Bill Kaos (Kaos Reign/Skumbagh) has really stepped up the Doom/Horror/Groove Metal Vibe and hit it on the head with a hammer.

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