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Faustian Pact – Outojen Tornien Varjoissa

Titled Outojen Tornien Varjoissa, FAUSTIAN PACT’s full-length debut is the grand culmination of all the gloriously bewitching work they brewed across that trio of demos. Exploding with an effervescence that’s addicting and undeniable, their swords-aloft attack surges and swells, crests and cascades. At the forefront are stained-glass synths whisked from a time – and a fantastical landscape – far, FAR away, sumptuously underlining their heroic/romantic style of black metal deeply steeped in a nostalgic past. Across the album’s 41 minute (fantastical) landscape are spread lyrics of splendorous mythology, swords & sorcery, vast forgotten realms brought to life through wily, wanderlusting black metal betraying a noble melodicism. FAUSTIAN PACT are thus a unique balance of contrasts: orkish energy vs. mystical atmosphere, dungeon rawness vs. castle-top aristocracy, obsidian darkness vs. gleaming light. So, whether 25 years ago or 2500, removed by a reality or two, Outojen Tornien Varjoissa is timeless BLACK METAL MAGICK – dark medieval times have at last arrived!

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Ihsahn – Telemark

In 2020, Ihsahn is poised to take yet another left-turn into unfamiliar territory, with the first of two five-track EPs inspired by and dedicated his home county of Telemark. The first “Telemark” EP represents the dark, brutal and aggressive side of Ihsahn’s compositional identity. With three new original songs and two ferocious cover versions, it represents a celebration of the defiant spirit that first inspired him to follow a creative path three decades ago.

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Izthmi – The Arrow Of Our Ways

IZTHMI is a five piece band from Seattle that formed in 2016. “The Arrows Of Our Ways” is their debut full length album! Per IZTHMI, the concept of this album is “the journey of the self and finding solace through love in a time of extreme oppression and ecological detriment.” While the idea is abstract, it is successfully conveyed through their music. IZTHMI’s brand of black metal is difficult to squarely place in one category, but it is melodic, atmospheric, and progressive all at once. This could be due to their many influences: progressive black metal, doom metal, and noise/ambient. The riffs and chord progressions on this album are beautiful and captivating. Tracks seamlessly transition between breakneck black metal riffs and slower paced guitar harmonies. Don’t expect to hear raw black metal. The production on this album is fairly clean, which suits this style of black metal.

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Ossaert – Bedehuis

Zwolle’s, NL, solitary Black Metal entity OSSAERT has completed its first full-length recording and will unload it upon the masses through Argento Records on February 14th 2020. Fuelled by hatred and disgust towards everything sacred, “Bedehuis” is a superbly written debut that balances an almost theatrical dramatic charge with a malignant atmosphere which permeates through every sound wave of the record. This 35 minute long sonic journey seamlessly shifts between savage Black Metal predatory aggression and contemplative melodic passages, wall of sound pummelling oppression and a subtle but omnipresent macabre beauty.

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